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Our agricultural nanotechnology produces organic, non-GMO nutrients which have significantly increased agricultural yields and increased plant root growth by 30% to reduce water scarcity.

Grade "A" Nutrient Production


In agricultural applications, the SDR/PTR System combines both mechanical and biological nanotech processes in an in-situ state-of-the-art Smart Microbiological Targeting (SMT) process that integrates AI process learning features by incorporating molecular decomposition processes with the ability to isolate, grow, and distribute non-pathogenic, facultative, naturally occurring and ubiquitous in nature, non-genetically modified biological targeting methods to process organic waste streams from dairies, swine farms, CAFO's. The SDR/PTR System has 24/7 remote sensor monitoring and incorporates process and constituent traceability via blockchain.

Development Zero CO2 Emissions

Genus BioEnergy is future forward. Our patented nanotechnology is geared toward the post-carbon economy, creating a suite of responses to revitalize remediation efforts worldwide.


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