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GENUS BIOENERGY is the developer of disruptive novel nanotechnology process methods for the conversion

of waste in a modular compact system that delivers

sustainable solutions for fuel, energy, electricity, telecommunications, organic plant-based nutrients,

soil regeneration, and production of potable

water & desalination.

Stoichiometric Decomposition & Recombination (SDR) solution represents an efficient method of waste decomposition and conversion employing proprietary molecular decomposition methods where molecules are crushed to generate significant energy and detachment which takes place in closed fuel cells without air access

= an non-oxidizing environment within a modular

skid-mounted system.

The process masterfully combines both biological and mechanical nanotech processes within a state-of-the-art sequenced inter-connected system to provide 2MW of sustainable uninterrupted power that decomposes and converts waste and waste slurries to usable products tailored to enhance farm sustainability, profitability, and security as well as reduce water scarcity and maintain environmental sustainability with Zero Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions.

The system is microprocessor controlled and self-powered as well as integrates learning features, robotics, 24/7

remote-sensor monitoring and incorporates process

and constituent traceability via blockchain.

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